Nick Panesar
Also known as DJ Nicksta, the mastermind behind The Obsession Crew, Nick started his musical talents at the age of 12. Whilst learning how to play the guitar and the drums, Nick started teaching fellow classmates the techniques and skills needed to play these instruments within a matter of weeks. 

In 1991, Nick Panesar, Sunil Kaliyon and DJ Rav entered the London Borough of Ealing Talent Competition winning first place for their combined musical abilities.  The following year, DJ Nicksta and Bob-E entered the same competition and won first place again. 

Nick has always had a passion for all kinds of music and as soon as he was at the legal age to work, he found employment in Metro Music on Southall Broadway.  His father, Ajit Panesar – The King of Golden Oldies, a prominent presenter on Sunrise Radio – taught him all the fundamentals of voice projection and microphone techniques.

Nick is more than just a DJ.  He has been Heera’s regular drummer since 1994.  He has also drummed with Kuldip Manak, Alaap, Premi and Harbhajan Mann hurling him onto some of the major terrestrial and satellite channels such as the BBC, ARI and Zee Music. He has also taken a keen interest in music recording and been taught about Sound Engineering together with Electronic and Electrical engineering by Sati Panesar, the Virtuoso of Sound Engineering.

In 2004 The Obsession Crew’s sister company, Zero db Studios comprising of Sati, DJ Nicksta and Bob-E recorded, produced and mixed the single “Party With Me” by Slim Dutty (Kush Mix).  It reached the Top 10 in the BBC Urban Chart.

With his experiences to date, Nick is able to cater for a wider audience than your average DJ.  A large part of his success is to share his knowledge and expertise with both the clients and his team adding value to his vision, which has always been to exceed customer satisfaction. 

Nick Panesar also holds a degree in Information System Engineering.

Sati Panesar
Ever wondered why the sound of The Obsession Crew is so soft on your ears and clean from distortion?  Ever wondered how you can hear a great song in one venue that doesn’t sound as clean in another? It’s all about sound and The Obsession Crew’s Sati Panesar is the virtuoso of sound engineering.  His experience and expertise stretch from studio based productions to co-ordinating live PA systems. 

Since 1978, Sati has worked with the connoisseurs of Bhangra music. The first album he engineered was Nirash Hownian Akhian by Neelam in 1978 and then came Alaap in 1980 with Teri Chuni de Sitaray.  Whilst studying for his degree in Mechanical Engineering (BEng), Sati worked with Jagjit Singh and Parves Medhi.  From1987 to 1995 he was signed to work with Heera.

Sati’s skills in perfecting the quality of how the music feels and sounds from input to output created quite a stir in the industry and he soon found his services being demanded by Jagjit Singh, Balwinder Safri and The Obsession Crew. During his career, he worked closely with Deepak Khazanchi who has produced both Alaap, Heera and Holle Holle. 

With over 20 years experience in audio engineering, Sati Panesar knows how to make a live PA system sound natural.  Dependent on your venue and audience Sati is able to tailor the sound to meet the needs of the event with ease and expertise. 

Album Credentials:
Nirash Hownian Akhian - Neelam
Teri Chuni de Sitaray - Alaap
Diamonds From Heera - Heera
Shava Shava - Kalapreet
Bhangra Fever 1 - Deepak Khazanchi
Cool & Deadly - Heera
Wicked & Wild - Holle Holle
Bhangra Fever 2 - Deepak Khazanchi
Kohinoor - Heera
Reflections - Safri
Simply Alaap - Alaap
It’s A Boom - Alaap
From Me To You - Deepak Khazanchi (Sai Baba)

Also known as Harvinder Panesar, Bob-E also showed an early interest in vocals by singing backing vocals for the various bands that he was performing with. At the age of 15 he was asked to tour the Canada and America with Heera and Satrang. Canada was the first international tour that he went on. After this he toured many other cities/countries including Los Angles, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, Karachi, Germany, Norway and Spain.

During the same period of time of his life Bob-E also teamed up with The Obsession Crew. The Obsession Crew just comprised of DJ Nicksta and MC Pervi at that time and Bob-E became the third member. Here Bob-E started to play the Dhol with The Obsession Crew and introduced various routines to their shows, where DJ Nicksta would mix a beat into the Dhol beat which was being played by Bob-E and vice verse. It was here that The Obsession Crew encouraged Bob-E to exploit his vocal ability by singing Boliyan (traditional lyrics) at their shows.

Because of Bob-E’s love for Punjabi music, he learnt the ability to recite almost any popular Punjabi song and sing it in time to any beat that DJ Nicksta may have been playing. This became Bhangra Fusion, which is still used by The Obsession Crew toady.

Bob-E then started to show an interest in sound decided to learn about Sound engineering, acoustics and recording techniques from his cousin Sati Panesar. This helped him take the next step through his musical career through to Music Production. He built his own small studio and worked hard at learning the techniques of recording, arranging and producing music on both Mac and Windows platforms.

He was snapped up by 3-man-combo Studios in Southall which consisted of Sunil Kalyan (Master of Percussion) and Kumar of Heera Group, where he helped on various projects that were taking place in the studio from playing percussion to singing backing vocals and also recording live music. He worked with various artists including Surinder Bachan, Jaspinder Narula, Punjabi Hit Squad, Amit Rai, to mention but a few.

In 2004 Bob-E used his knowledge and expertise during the recording and production of “Party With Me” by Slim Dutty (Kush Mix) at Zero db Studios, The Obsession Crew’s sister company. Zero db Studios comprised of Sati, DJ Nicksta and Bob-E. “Party With Me” managed to get into the Top 10 in the BBC Urban Chart. 

Bob-E then met up with Menis, Nazza T and Sanj of Xstreme Soundz through a talented vocalist called Renu. In Jan 2006 Bob-E received his first major break within the music scene that he was waiting for. He was asked to write and sing the Punjabi Lyrics for a track titled “Club Vich”. Club Vich which is the Title track from the Album “Spot the Difference”. Club Vich has become one of the biggest tracks of the album and has been played on many radio stations including BBC Network Asia, Club Asia and Sunrise Radio. Bob-E’s aims for this year are to release his own Album as well as working with The Obsession Crew with their Album.

Sandeep Panesar
Also known as Sandz was inspired after watching Bob-E and DJ Nicksta playing various percussion instruments on stage. He decided at the early age of 6 that he wanted to learn how to play the Dhol. He has continued learning the Dhol and has also taken up the Dholak and Drums.

In 2003 Sandz founded the Elite Dholis and started playing at various corporate functions and private parties along side The Obsession Crew and other DJ’s. Elite Dholis’ got their first break in 2004 when they were asked to be the resident Dholis for the club Maasti based in Wembley.

In September 2005, Sandz approached The Obsession Crew, wanting to learn about Mixing and Sound Engineering. He was taken on instantaneously based on his ability and is currently going through a thorough and intensive training program. He will be taught the art of playing live instruments, Mixing live music, Studio programming and sequencing and Sound Engineering. It is going to be hard work for Sandz to focus on his studies and music at the same time, but The Obsession Crew feel that Sandz has got the right attitude and the aptitude to be successful in this field.

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